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How Visibility Can Affect My Business

By December 26, 2014 Uncategorized One Comment

Everyone who is online wants to be seen–visibility online is crucial. If you have a business, you are hoping for one thing; good search results. It is not enough to only write good content anymore. In this day and age where everyone is writing on similar topics daily, you want to make sure your content reaches the top of search engines. There are tags you can put at the bottom of your website or titles that get more attention than others, and much more. But, what is the method to search engine optimization and how exactly do you get your site higher up in the ranks of Google?

Search engine optimization involves using key words in the content of your website. You want to use words not only because they are popular but, because they are relevant to your site content. You want the words to be relevant to what your business is about. You want not only content that is relevant, but also content that is interesting and fresh. If content is interesting people will be more likely to share it on their social media sites, which will help your rankings. Google has a site for you to see what key words would work best for your business. It is called Google ad words (, you can even put your ad on Google to help with rankings.

It is very important to post the right key words and titles and to promote your site through social media to help with rankings. People want information they know they can trust. If it is just a regular site and you aren’t citing any specific information, you will want to include back links (links to other credible sites). For example, if you’re sharing a video you like on cars and back links are included, this will boost the credibility of the information you have already provided. You don’t want to post a video on cars and have your back links be to a music video. The more credible you are and the more you are seen, the more likely you are to have people share your content. This is another way to help with SEO.


You want to learn how to have your business seen more because this can significantly improve your exposure and make you and your business more money. Google is the number one website and search engine in the world. Only 5 percent of people look past the first page of Google results. If you do not have yourself in the top ten of these search engine results, you might as well be considered invisible. You should be covering all aspects to become more searchable. This includes content, social media, paid ads etc.; all of these things need a great SEO strategy. The rules are always changing, but the game remains the same. You need to optimize your content everywhere and generate content for views to improve your ranking. You want to be on page one of Google.


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