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Understanding Google | Win The Game of Googleopoly | Google's Step-by-Step Guide
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Understanding Google

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Google is the largest search engine in the world. Though we visit Google often to research, do we really know how Google works? In this awesome info graphic provided by ppcblog.com, you can see the mechanisms of Google.

You begin by writing some sort of content; in turn Google comes across it. Make sure that your content includes links, and that your “no follow” tag is turned off. Google favors pages with reliable backlinks, and will not visit your site at all if you have a no follow tag turned on. Once Google visits your site, it’s indexed within seconds. Therefore, when you are searching Google, you aren’t actually searching the open web. You’re searching what Google want you to search, and this part is constantly updated. Google will then estimate the domain, and pages are checked against editorial policies. This is when your page is checked for spam, looked at for quality of content, and so on. Penalties will then be applied to each page as needed, and Google will begin to suggest keywords on what your content contains thus far, and then searched for synonyms that may match to the content you have written. sikisxxx.net porn teen

“On most Google queries you’re actually in multiple groups simultaneously… Essentially, all the queries are involved in some rest.” – Patrick Riley, Google search quality engineer.

The initial result set is created along with the localization of websites in a Google search. Google will then find relevant ads based on keywords. If the ads chosen create a high enough click-through rate, some may be shown above the search results. Filters are also applied, which deal with user personalization, trending topics, etc. Once all of this is done, organic results are displayed.

Google is very secretive about where their data centers are located, but, we know that there are over 19 data centers in the US, with at least 17 more round the world. That’s a lot of people looking through the reliabilty of your website and the content within it!

Now that we have a better idea of exactly how Google works. It’s important for us to remember that getting on the first page of search results in vitally important. There are so many results in Google’s database, and in order to be on the first page, you must properly optimize your sites, and perfect your content within the site. To learn more about how you can dominate Google and appear on the first page of search engine results, purchase Win The Game of Googleopoly, by Sean V. Bradley.


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