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Awareness in Google

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It is important for your product or business to have awareness in Google. Awareness and visibility is key in branding your product or company. You can brand your company by making sure that you are available to searchers on Google. Only 5% of people click past the first page of Google results, so in order to make sure that you have awareness in Google, you must be visible on that first page or you are essentially invisible.

In order to have awareness in Google, it is important that you are optimizing your websites properly. In order to have successful optimization, you must focus on putting keywords in your title tags, description tags, h1 tags, URL, and page content. Keywords are one of the main things that Google bases their results off of. In addition, you must make sure that your content is lengthy enough to provide readers with appropriate information. Your content should also always be fresh and different than any one else, and should not duplicate on any of the pages of your site. Having duplicated content can hurt your awareness and visibility on Google.

Having your site be mobile friendly will also help you be more visible to Google. In this day and age, people seem to be turning to their mobile devices for more than just phone calls. Google notices when your site is mobile friendly, which ranks you higher in search engine results.

Remember that writing your own Meta description is better than having Google make one for you. You can make an awesome Meta description as long as you include the proper keywords, and make it the appropriate length. It’s also important that you don’t use quotes in your Meta description. Google usually will cut off the Meta description if they see a quote.

Creating awareness and visibility on Google is simple if you take the time and effort to make sure that you are properly writing content as well as listing keywords in all the necessary areas. It might seem like it’s impossible to get onto the first page of Google, but with a strategic plan, and the right amount of effort, you can dominate Google and be visible to your prospective consumers. For more information on how to make a strategic plan that best fits your business, check out Winning the Game of Googlepoly by Sean V. Bradley.

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