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Understanding The Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT)

By December 26, 2014 Uncategorized One Comment

What is it?

The first time someone considered buying a product off of a shelf is considered to be the “First Moment Of Truth (FMOT).” The “Second Moment Of Truth (SMOT)” occurs when the product is bought, taken home, and tested. The “Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)” is the research that consumers do online before making their purchase. This moment comes before FMOT and SMOT. The typical buyer researches and references, on average, 10.4 sources before deciding where to make their purchase.

“If you’re available at the Zero Moment of Truth, your customers will find you at the very moment they’re thinking about buying, and also when they’re thinking about thinking about buying.” (ZMOT, 2011)

How can it help your business?

The only way to win at ZMOT, is to be present, therefore allowing the opportunity for a consumer to engage with your product.

Let’s think about this rationally. If someone is researching online before buying a product, the first place they’re going to look is your website. To win the game of ZMOT, make sure that your website is visually appealing, with graphics, and just enough text to explain your business and what you’re about.

In order to get consumers to look at all you have to offer, having a large presence online is important. Create social media platforms for your business, because in ZMOT social media is usually visited after the website. Social media can show consumers how you communicate with your current and past customers.

Hardly anyone wants to read paragraphs and paragraphs of information. To increase time spent on your website, include a video about your business. You are more likely to have an interested consumer take action after watching a video.

Make sure that all of your websites contain accurate content, and that you are constantly maintaining them to ensure that they are up to date with your businesses new and exciting information.

How can you make sure you’re doing things right?

Try to Google your business and your products: what do you see? You’ll be looking directly at what consumers are seeing, so, if you’re unhappy with the results, then you know that you have some work to do. Consumers want to know the price of your product; is it going to save them money? They also want to know if your product is going to save them time as well as improve their lives. Make sure that you answer all of these questions though your website, video, social media, etc.

In addition, take mobile browsing into consideration. Make sure that your products are available at the Zero Moment of Truth though a typical laptop or computer search, as well as through a mobile search. As we know, we are a mobile world.

For more information on ZMOT, check out this awesome video.

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