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The Importance of YouTube in the Automotive Indsutry
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The Importance of YouTube in the Automotive Industry

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In today’s day and age, marketing is important no matter what industry you are in.  It is important that your brand have a consistent online presence.  This is particularly important for the automotive industry.  How you are seen online will influence how competitors and more importantly potential customers visualize your brand.  In order to increase visibility and draw attention to current and future products you need to familiarize yourself with digital marketing https://iconvert.media/youtube-mp4. Traditional marketing is not dead, but if you aren’t on board with digital marketing then you need to start now!

One of the top networks, you will want to start with is YouTube.  The video platform is great for more than just entertainment uses.  YouTube can be a great tool for businesses including YOUR dealership.  Many dealerships are already taking advantage of YouTube. If you are not experienced in digital marketing, there are companies you can engage to run your YouTube campaign. Promotion with The Marketing Heaven agency would certainly be one of the best business decisions you have made. Testimonials, dealership tours and deals provided at the dealership provide great content.

Utilizing digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach larger audiences.  People begin shopping for cars before they step foot into a dealership.  If you lack that additional online presence in the digital marketing area, then how are prospective buyers supposed to see what you have to offer?It is important that you are available to the public on all social media sites, and that the reviews on review sites are positive and informative.  Video content allows people to see first-hand to see testimonials, as well as inventory, it is the next best way besides in person.

Why Should Your Dealership Be Using YouTube?

  • YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any network on cable.
  •  90% of users only click on the first 10 results.
  • 65% of people learn better when visuals are included.
  • Your content can be re-purposed into blog posts, podcasts and more to rank you even higher in Google.
  • YouTube allows you to build your E-mail contact list.
  • You can target your audience with AdWords for video.  So, let’s say you are looking to sell a Mercedes, that word in addition to keywords about the vehicle and dealership can be in the AdWords.
  • Videos with a personal touch, help people remember you and want to share your content.

Content is king!  Make sure that your marketing campaign consists of intriguing, interesting, fresh new content that your consumers will enjoy.  Create a handful of marketing campaigns. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple options when trying to nail down the best one.  Eventually, you will find out what works best for your dealership.  Remember, if your dealership is not using YouTube as a marketing tool, you should be!  Your current and future vehicles need exposure, give your dealership the exposure it needs today!

There is no better way to be visible than to have an online presence. The first step in proper video SEO, is having a strategy. If you are flooding the Internet with content and not optimizing your videos, then you might as well be irrelevant to Google. Search engines, specifically Google include voice recognition search technology and pattern recognition search technology. Are you still not sure what direction to go in? The founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley CSP recently released his new book “Win The Game of Googleopoly” on Wiley Publishing, the #1 Business publisher in the United States.  The best practices revealed in this book will be your guide to dominating search engines with video content. Purchase your signed copy today.

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