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Great News, Googleopoly Is In Barbara’s Book Store In Chicago O’Hare International Airport

By March 25, 2015 News No Comments

barbara book store

We are proud to announce that the success of Win The Game OfGoogleopoly keeps getting larger and larger. “The Google search results page is just like a Monopoly board,” Bradley said. “Each result is a property, and just like with Monopoly, you can’t win with just Boardwalk or Atlantic Avenue.”

Win The Game of Googleopoly is a road map for any business owner, professional, or entrepreneur. The book unlocks the secret holistic strategy to dominating search engines with more than just a website. Win the Game of Googleopoly will show you how to properly utilize video search engine optimization, social media, web development, search engine optimization, mobile, focus sites, micro-sites and more in order to successfully build your online presence. Now, bookstores all over are seeing the vision we all saw when the book was first in the works. We are so excited you can now get a copy of the book in Barbara’s Book Store at Chicago O’Hare International Airport!

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