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Dr. Willie Jolley Interviews Author Sean V. Bradley, CSP
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Author of ‘Win The Game of Googleopoly’ Interviewed by Willie Jolley on the #1 Motivational Show on SiriusXM Sattelite Radio

By February 6, 2015 News No Comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Author of Win The Game of Googleopoly, Sean V. Bradley, CSP was a featured guest on the #1 Motivational and Business talk show program on SiriusXM Sattelite Radio. Dr. Willie Jolley took the #1 spot after Oprah stepped away from her show.

Sean V. Bradley was invited on the show to talk about how he went from living in State-funded boys homes and growing up in the projects to building a self-made multi-million dollar company using the strategies that he talks about in his hit book, “Win The Game of Googleopoly”.

Professional film crews attended to catch the interview as it happened. Click the video link below to watch Sean V. Bradley, CSP interviewed by Dr. Willie Jolley.

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