After achieving success as an automotive sales professional who built a name for himself by refining processes and mastering sales techniques, Sean V. Bradley set out to create a company that could train other automotive professionals to do the same.

With literally no startup money, Sean was able to grow Dealer Synergy from an idea to a multi-million dollar enterprise in under 3 years. Using the same strategies that are outlined in “Win The Game of Googleopoly”, Sean was able to gain greater visibility in the automotive industry and has led Dealer Synergy to become one of the leading training and consulting firms in the nation.

Online video views
Social media followers
Automotive professionals trained
Private social network members
  • Developed a Video on Demand Training Platform
  • Featured on the cover of 18 national magazines
  • Generates Sales strictly from inbound marketing
  • 7500 + online videos uploaded
  • Achieved $1 million in sales in only 3 years
  • Over 20,000 Social Media Followers
  • Consults over 11,000 automotive professionals
  • Over 2 million online video views

Sean V. Bradley Used the Googleopoly Strategy to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

When Sean V. Bradley set out to found his own company with extremely limited funds, leveraging any and all available online resources would be crucial for him to get the visibility needed to dominate online.

After a few short years, Dealer Synergy today is known as one of the leading automotive internet sales training and consulting firms in the nation. Without a national sales team, Dealer Synergy is able to generate business from applying the Googleopoly strategy and generating inbound interest. This has empowered Sean V. Bradley to lead what was once a dream into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Double Sales in Less Than 60 Days

Methodical Strategy-Driven Success

Pioneer of Video SEO

From 60 to 130 Leads

Dealer Synergy Creating Champions

Redefining Dealership Training

#1 Rated Dealership Workshops

72% of All Sales from Dealer Synergy Internet Sales Training

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